About Me

I am 13 years old and live on the North shore of Oahu. I am looking to grow as an athlete and train all around the World with aspirations of competing at the highest professional level in both surfing and snowboarding.

My parents had me on the slopes when I was 4 and I immediately fell in love with snowboarding. When i was 5 years old I had brain surgery and was told it would hold me back but I haven't let it slow me down! 

At 8, I started surfing when my family moved to Hawaii because my Dad was stationed here for the Air Force. With an equal love for surfing and snowboarding, I have done my best to make time for both and persevere whether it's on snow or in the water!

My Mission

My mission is to qualify for the Olympics, compete in the X-games, compete on the women's CT Surfing Tour and become the youngest girl in the world to land a double backflip on snow!

My Vision

Become sponsored to help me reach my full potential as an athlete and individual. This would allow me to train with best all around the World and be on my board as many days as possible!